Part Time Job – Full Time Mum

I love spending all of my days with BV, but with Mr Intrepid working most weekends, and evenings (he runs a pub), it’s an isolated life.  I have lots of lovely ‘mum’ friends that I can socialise with, however for these mums, weekends, and holidays are strictly family time. And for me, well, being a stay at home mum is mostly, pretty lonely.

3 weeks ago, I made the (mahoosive) decision to go back to work.  I didn’t make it lightly. I hoped to stay at home a bit longer, but mentally I needed to get back in the saddle, so to speak.  Although for 3 days at week at work I won’t make any money whatsoever (fingers crossed I break even), I hope this is a smart decision to keep myself in a career (and in a sane mind) and my family warm and fed. 

BV spends 2 days with his childminder (whom he adores) and 1 boys day with daddy. Lucky boy. As usual, he has settled in to this new situation better than me. I was nervous about this big step at first, and I miss BV so much, but it is getting easier.  I maybe in a job part time, but I am still a full time mum.  Work is the easy bit, to be honest.  The commute is tough (an hour each way – sometimes longer) and I am so desperate to get home to BV that I have become that person.  The crazed wild-eyed commuter, you only see in London. Elbows out, hard faced, and moving so fast you don’t know why they just don’t run all the way home instead?  I never thought that person would be me.  I climb the walls for that last hour in the office, then i’m flying out of the door.  The trains literally aren’t going to go any faster just because I’ve sprinted to get on one, but if I move as quickly as I can, I get to see my boy before he goes to bed…