About Me

I consider myself to be a Cornish City girl after growing up in Cornwall (lucky me!) and spending the majority of my adult life in Cities. Although, my heart belongs to London, I now live in the Surrey Suburbs (like a real grown up!) with Mr Intrepid and our mini humans BV & Gorgeous Gorgeous.  Collectively, call us Fam-A-lamb!

I’m a lover, not a hater, with passions for Archaeology, Art and Cheese. I’m a traveller, a planner, and a born worrier, fighting the Suburban Motherhood stereotype (*gulp*) with tattoos, piercings and regular caffeine fixes.

I am blogging to mostly keep my brain from drying up and falling out. As it has been a while since I spoke to another adult, or slept, please bear with me. I am starting from the bottom.  Now, that I am no longer afraid to leave the house with tiny humans (BV is 3 and Gorgeous Gorgeous is a few months old), I hope to blog about my own parenting lifestyle (whilst waiting for my maternal instinct to kick in) as I try to claw back my previously cultured, artistic, salaried, boozey, BC (before Child) life.  If you know of anything worthy of a mention, no stone un-turned so to speak, hit me up. Sharing is caring after all.

I’m Lindsay by the way – Hello!!



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