“Crunch, Munch and Chew”

“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks.” — Dr. Seuss


Mrs Mo’s Monster by Paul Beavis

This one is my particular favourite, from BV’s Bookshelf.  It is written and illustrated by Paul Beavis, a British Ex-Pat now living in NZ. This was the very first book I ever read to BV, as I bought it whilst I was pregnant.

Mrs M cover

“Not even a hello? How rude!”

The story focus’ on a destructive monster whom believes he is to behave a certain way, because “that’s what monsters do?” Mrs Mo takes it upon herself to show the monster that there are other things that he can enjoy without causing mayhem…

It is impossible to believe that this is Beavis’ debut book. The illustrations are even greater than the story itself (if that’s even possible), and together, with a narrative, a loveable, yet mischievous character is born.

I attended a reading of this book (and his more recent one) by Paul Beavis himself, back in October at my local pub (alcohol and fun for BV? Boom!).  Despite the fact that BV was very little, we both enjoyed it, and we learnt how to draw a monster too.

Last year, Mr Beavis released his 2nd Mrs Mo’s Monster book, ‘Hello World’. Another raging success.

You can follow the lovely Paul Beavis on twitter @PDBeavis, and like Mrs Mo’s Monster’s Facebook page for more hilarious news on our monster friend.

BV Thumbs up rating: 10/10