The Sky Garden Snoozey Time

The Sky Garden, London’s highest public gardens is located at what is affectionately known as the “Walkie Talkie”, or for the proper; 20 Fenchurch Street.

The Sky Garden offers 360 degrees of uninterrupted views across London Town, and 3 levels of gardens, bars and restaurants and an open air observation deck. The best bit? It is absolutely free! Hurrah! Tickets, however are limited and must be booked in advance.

I thought the Sky Garden would be a great place to take BV for his first views over the big city. I was wrong. He was asleep by the time we hit the queue and remained so for the entire time we were here….

The gardens itself are actually not that impressive. You should only really go here for the epic views over the City.

Fam-A-Lamb had a great time here (despite BV’s snoozey time) and we are likely to be back soon too. MIL would love it up here.

We were lucky, that despite it being November we had a clear (if a little grey) day. It is the first time I have seen The Shard this close.  We spent a lot of time (much to Mr Intrepid’s dismay) of attempting unsuccessfully to take Fam-A-Lamb selfies with The Gherkin (my fave London building). I blame BV and his bloody pram!


At least we all got to see The Shard! oh wait….

…..BV and The Shard


Beany Green

Today’s featured Coffee comes from Beany Green, The permanent pop up opposite The Royal Festival Hall.

The site here is awesome, with ample seating.  It is located under the Hungerford bridge and decorated brightly by artist Shuby.  This colourful container is now a permanent fixture here on the Southbank.

Beany Green serves artisan Australian coffee (as the signs proclaim) and homemade food by Daisy Green, and for those that wish to stay in to the night, they also serve a selection of local Craft Ales.

The coffee was perfectly made (Flat White) and staff was very friendly.  This place is a great place for watching the world go by.

Rated: 5 stars *****